Handy Garment Steamer

Your attire is full of wrinkles and looks dirty when you go to work or go to party. What a sad thing.

Why pay a high price for the heavy normal iron? Why not get a light weight beautiful handy garment steamer with affordable price? The Meiyu handy garment steamer is your perfect choice.

We have many models of handy garment steamer for you to choose. The hot steam can penetrate all kinds of fabrics , the dirty can be deleted shortly, the wrinkle can be flatted surprisingly and the virus can be killed thoroughly. Why wait? Get the handy garment steamer now.

We can do OEM to you. You tell us the color you want, you choose the plug and you make the design of the packing. And we can print your brand on our handy garment steamers.

Meiyu Electric was established in 2009, specializing in the production of Handy Garment Steamer, and is one of the Handy Garment Steamer manufacturers and suppliers in China. In the past ten years, we have obtained CE, CB, and ROHS certifications and set up our own factory. Products made in China are cheap and good in quality, and support wholesale and bulk purchases. In addition, we also have customized products to ensure to meet your needs. In stock, come and buy discounted, low priced garment irons.