Mini Garment Steamer

As people are getting richer and richer, they pay more attention to their casual clothing and formal attire.So they need good helper and affordable device to clean, steam and flat their clothes. The mini garment steamer is the suitable one to be this helper.

Why we call it mini garment steamer? Because it looks small compared with the industrial garment steamer in the clothes factory. Yet it is ideal for home use.

The mini garment steamer can steam and flat all kinds of clothes both vertically and horizontally. The main reason for flat is the hot steam.

Meiyu Electric was established in 2009, specializing in the production of Mini Garment Steamer, and is one of the Mini Garment Steamer manufacturers and suppliers in China. In the past ten years, we have obtained CE, CB, and ROHS certifications and set up our own factory. Products made in China are cheap and good in quality, and support wholesale and bulk purchases. In addition, we also have customized products to ensure to meet your needs. In stock, come and buy discounted, low priced garment irons.