How to buy a Garment Steamer?

- 2021-09-15-

First: must see the heart that hangs hot machine - heater

Just as the heart of the computer is the CPU, our ironing machine also has a heart, that is, the ironing machine heater. A good heater is aluminum heating body, so that the service life is long, at least more than 10 years. For some cheap ironing machine, most of the heater is made of copper, which reduces the cost, but the disadvantage is short life, slow heat conduction, uneven steam and a series of problems.

Second: choose the features you want

Many steam ironing machines not only have ironing function, but also have cleaning and cleaning functions. Buying a multi-functional steam ironing machine is a good choice, but also pay attention to whether the steam ironing machine has multi-stall steam adjustment Settings. Multi-gear adjustment, will make clothes ironing, easy and easy to operate in one step.

Steam Garment Steamer in use, there will often be dripping phenomenon affect the ironing effect, choose a steam Garment Steamer can prevent condensation water is a good choice, but also pay attention to the design of the ironing brush, set up unreasonable ironing brush, may scratch the fabric, while ironing also has a dead corner. Whether the water tank has a clean filter design, whether the host drainage design is very key, can effectively prevent the fouling of the heating pot, improve the service life of the machine.