Causes and solutions for water leakage of hanging steam iron

- 2021-11-17-

The main reasons for the water leakage of the hanging steam iron are:
1. Too much water or damaged water tank.
2. If the temperature of the thermostat is too low, water may leak.
The solution of the steam iron leaking:
1. Before using the steam iron, turn off the temperature control switch and turn the steam switch to the minimum to ensure that the water tank and the soleplate are not directly connected. In addition, the steam adjustment knob next to the water injection port is also adjusted to the minimum steam position.
2. After adding the water, turn on the power, adjust the temperature knob according to different clothes, turn on the steam adjustment knob, and wait for the indicator light to light up. The water in the water tank enters the bottom plate and is in a heating state, during which a little steam will come out. Wait for the indicator light. After it is off, the steam is in a critical state, and the clothes can be ironed when the indicator light turns on again. There was a small amount of water droplets dripping at the beginning of ironing. This is condensed water. Cold water encounters hot steam and causes water droplets.
3. After ironing the clothes, pour out all the water in the water tank, turn on the electricity, adjust the temperature knob to the maximum position, turn on the steam knob, and dry the water in the water tank.

4. Then, turn off the steam knob, adjust the temperature knob to the minimum position, and store the bottom plate temperature to normal temperature. As long as you follow the above method steps, there will be no water leakage.