How to water the water tank of Garment Steamer?

- 2021-09-15-

Garment Steamer because of the design of special many people in the first contact, in the use of the brain is always unclear, a new thing needs us to constantly explore, to gradually understand. For example, many people are worried about how to add water to the water tank of the ironing machine.

The basic principle of general Garment Steamer is the same. When the ironing machine needs to add water, it will take down the water tank and add water. For detailed observation, there is a lid that can be rotated and linked to the drainage at the bottom, and it rotates counterclockwise to remove the water. Do not be hasty to solve the problem by force, everything must have its way.

Take out the water tank, open the water tank water injection valve, add water after the water valve must be tightened (must add cold water), the most also add pure water, pot bile heating pure water impurities less is not easy to form scale, can prolong the service life of pot bile. Ordinary tap water has too much scale.

After filling the water, hold the handle of the water tank, put it on the main body, and switch on the power supply. Press the power switch of the machine and change the power switch to "ⅰ" or "ⅱ". When the power indicator lights up, it means that the whole machine is energized and the machine has entered the working state. After about 45 seconds, the steam starts spraying, and it's time to iron.

Hanging ironing machine and traditional iron still have a lot of advantages, in the natural hanging state of ironing, clothing gravity and high temperature steam dual role to avoid direct damage to the fabric, and fast, convenient, easy to iron clothes, so that clothes as shiny as new, maintain the best shape. Simple operation, just plug in the power and turn on the switch, adjust the temperature knob required by the ironed clothes, will not burn clothes. Suitable for all ages and essential for fashionable homes.