The classification of the hanging ironing machine

- 2021-10-15-

Hanging ironing machine is divided into handheld hanging ironing machine, ordinary steam hanging ironing machine and pressure steam hanging ironing machine.

Hand held steam hanging ironing machine: small and easy to carry. It's easy to carry when traveling. It's good to use, but thick clothes are difficult to iron, and the service life of the machine is low.
Ordinary hanging ironing machine generally adopts the straight through steam heating principle. The steam pressure is small and the steam flow is small. Generally, it is only 27-32g per minute. The steam temperature at the outlet is high. The effect of ironing needle Silk chemical fiber clothes is obvious, and the effect of ironing heavy clothes generally needs repeated ironing!
Pressure steam hanging ironing machine is generally pumped by water pump and closed design of heater. It has large steam pressure, large steam flow and long steam injection distance. The air outlet volume is 30g, and the air outlet temperature is low. The principle is the same as that of high-pressure cleaning machine. The effect of ironing ordinary clothes and heavy clothes is general!