The difference between the hanging ironing machine and other ironing machine

- 2021-10-15-

1.  Advantages of the hanging ironing machine: research shows that clothes are often pressed with a flat iron, which is easy to damage the fabric, resulting in hardening and aging of fabric fibers.
The hanging ironing machine irons under the natural hanging state, avoids direct damage to the fabric under the dual action of the clothes' own gravity and high-temperature steam (the temperature is above 100 degrees), and can iron the clothes quickly, conveniently and easily, so as to make the clothes as bright as new and maintain the best wearing shape.

2. Use advantages: when ironing with the steam hanging ironing machine, the contact part with the clothes (the outlet part of the nozzle) is far away from the steam source. The dirt generated by the high temperature of the domestic water used will never be sprayed on the clothes as easily as the flat iron or steam ironing brush, but will be completely retained in the dirt storage room of the bottom heater far away (located at the bottom of the heating furnace of the hanging ironing machine).
At the same time, high-temperature steam also has the effects of dust removal, sterilization and disinfection.

3. Hanging ironing machine is convenient: when the hanging ironing machine is in use, the steam output speed is often 30 seconds. In terms of handling and placing, there is no need to worry about scalding clothes. When the flat iron is used, it needs to wait for all the water in the water tank to boil, the speed is slow, and it needs to be placed vertically at the interval of use, which is more cumbersome.

4. The steam hanging ironing machine is easy to operate. Just plug in the power supply, turn on the switch and adjust the temperature knob required for ironing clothes. It will never scald clothes. It can be said that it is suitable for all ages and necessary for fashionable home. As we all know, flat iron will burn clothes if you are not careful.
In addition, some hanging ironing machines have a 6-gear or even 9-gear adjustment function, which is suitable for silk, cotton, hemp, wool and other fabrics to iron life easily.

5. Capacity advantage. A steam hanging ironing machine that can iron more than 50 clothes with water at a time. For modern families, adding water once should be able to use for more than a week. However, the flat iron must add water frequently because its "belly" is too small.