The basic structure of the hanging ironing machine

- 2021-10-15-

heater of the hanging ironing machine: fast heating, large and uniform fog; Long service life, which can reach more than 8 years; The surface is not easy to scale, saving the trouble of regular cleaning; The disadvantages are complex processing technology, high cost and high price.
Copper plastic heater and zinc alloy heater have the advantages of low cost and low price. The disadvantages are short service life, slow heat conduction and uneven steam.

Steam conduit of the hanging ironing machine
There are mainly two kinds of steam pipes: fiber braided hose and corrugated hose (with silicone hose inside).
Fiber braided hose has the advantages of anti scalding, high temperature resistance and uniform steam. Generally, fiber braided hose is selected for ironing machine with low steam pressure.
Corrugated hose (with silicone hose inside) has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Generally, corrugated hose is selected for ironing machine with high steam pressure.

The support is divided into bimetallic rod, single metal rod and non retractable support.
Bimetallic rod has the advantages of convenient storage, strong three-dimensional sense, good stability and no clothes hanger, but the disadvantage is high cost.
The single metal rod has the advantages of convenient storage and small volume. The disadvantage is poor stability and the need for additional clothes hangers.
The non retractable support has the advantages of low price, but it has the disadvantages of troublesome assembly and difficult height adjustment.

The main accessories of the hanging ironing machine include trouser clamp, ironing brush, dust removal brush, etc.
The optional parts of the hanging ironing machine mainly include storage accessory bag, anti scalding gloves, water cup, descaling agent, water quality softening device to prevent the formation of scale, etc.

Support plate
Support plate - the ironing plate of the traditional electric iron is integrated on the whole machine of the hanging ironing machine in some way to provide a support for the hanging ironing machine to provide better ironing effect, which is called the hanging ironing machine with support plate