The precaution of using the garment steamer

- 2021-10-28-

1. Please use the correct supply voltage of 200-50 / 60Hz.´╝łgarment steamer)

2. Do not share a power supply with other high-power appliances.(garment steamer)

3. To prevent electric leakage and other hazards, please use the machine according to the purpose of the manual, and do not use it for other purposes.(garment steamer)

4. Do not immerse the machine, power cord and plug in water.(garment steamer)

5. When the machine is operating, you must take care to avoid accidents.

6. If you use this machine near children, please provide appropriate guidance.

7. Water must be injected before use. Please always pay attention to the water level when using.

8. Do not put the steam pipe on the ground or bend it.

9. Do not touch the hot part or steam during use to avoid scalding.

10. Please push the hanging rod to move the machine. In case of difficulty, do not move reluctantly. Please drain the water before checking the wheels.

11. Before collecting the machine, please cool the machine for at least 30 minutes and drain the water in the water tank.

12. Before water injection or drainage, please unplug the power supply and do not let the water spill.

13. Before cleaning, moving or not in use, please turn off the power and unplug before working.

14. Do not place the machine near inflammables.

15. Do not use this machine when it is found that there is something wrong or the plug or power supply is damaged.

16. When pulling out the plug, you must hold the plug by hand. It is forbidden to pull out the plug by pulling the power cord.

17. Do not use wire carriage to avoid fire hazard due to overload of wire carriage.

18. Do not add any detergent to the water, otherwise the machine will be damaged. Mineral free soft water or distilled water is recommended.