How to use the hand-held garment steamer

- 2021-11-11-

1. Take out the hand-held garment steamer from the package, find the screw hole, and unscrew it.
2. After unscrewing the screw port, put a funnel on the screw port and fill it with water below the scale line. It is best to use pure water, so that even if it is used for a long time, it will not produce scale. Contribute to the protection of the machine and the steam emitted is free of scale.
3. Screw back the screw port, plug in the power source, and press the ironing gear, then the heating indicator light will come up, wait for about a minute, and the steam can be sprayed to iron the clothes.

4. When ironing, pull the clothes straight in one hand and the garment ironing machine in the other. Let the steam spraying plate run up and down next to the clothes. Under the action of the hot steam and the plate, the wrinkles will disappear and become smooth.