What to do if the garment steamer does not produce steam

- 2021-11-15-

If there is a problem with the garment steamer, it will affect the later use, so it must be dealt with in time. Then, what to do if the garment steamer does not produce steam, let me take a look at it with the editor.
1. What should I do if the garment steamer does not produce steam?
1. If the steam water tank is not placed in the right position, or the water outlet is blocked by other objects, the water in the water tank will not flow out. At this time, you only need to place the water tank in the right position and clean up the dirt that is blocked by the water outlet, and then the steam can be emitted normally.
2. It is also possible that the steam hose has been bent, causing the steam pipe to be unsmooth, causing the internal steam to fail to escape. At this time, the steam pipe needs to be straightened. If it is not handled well, a new steam hose needs to be replaced.

3. It is also possible that a lot of stains have accumulated in the water pump of the garment steamer, resulting in the situation that steam cannot be condensed inside. At this time, the water pump can only be replaced. Because the replacement process will be more troublesome, you need to contact professional personnel to deal with it.

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