Precautions for using steam iron

- 2021-11-16-

1. In order to avoid the formation of scale, cold boiled water should be poured as much as possible. Choose the appropriate temperature according to various clothing materials.

2. After the water temperature reaches the adjusted temperature, start ironing, otherwise the water will leak from the soleplate. Please note that this does not mean that the iron is malfunctioning, but that the temperature is not enough to sublime the water into steam and flow out from the soleplate.

3. Use steam fumigation to restore the elasticity of the temperament fiber, and the reflective fabric can be restored to its original shape due to grinding pressure. If you spray the steam while brushing in the opposite direction with a brush, the effect will be more ideal.

4. If the scale has been generated, a small amount of vinegar or a descaler can be used to add water to the iron head, and then use a powerful steam spray method to spray steam to remove the scale. The water tank should be cleaned afterwards.