How to remove iron marks on clothes

- 2021-11-16-

①Alum can remove the scorched yellow of woolen clothes. First dissolve a small piece of alum in boiled water at the drying temperature, brush the alum water on the scorched area of the clothes, and then put it in the sun to reduce the scorch marks; when the fabric is hot yellow, it is also brushed first as before. Let the bottom yarn be exposed in the area where there is no fluff due to hot yellowing, and then gently rub the area without fluff with the tip of a needle until new fluff is picked up, and then put a damp cloth and iron along the fluff.
②Fumigation can remove the burnt yellow of wool or cloth clothes. After scrubbing with a toothbrush, then fumigating with boiling water can reduce scorch marks.
③ Exposure to the sun can also remove scorching clothes. Cover the unscorched part with paper or other things first, then spray the yellow part with cold water and place it in the sun. After the water dries, spray some more water until the color of each part is similar.
④Using vinegar can also eliminate wrinkles and ironing marks on clothes. You can drop the edible vinegar on the raw edged paper, cover the wrinkles, and iron it with an electric iron, the traces will disappear, and the clothes will be smooth.
⑤Scorch marks on cotton clothes can be burnt. You can sprinkle some fine salt on the burn marks, then gently rub them with your hands, dry them in the sun for a while, and then wash them with water. The burn marks can be reduced and even disappear gradually.

⑥ The silk clothes have burnt marks. You can take an appropriate amount of soda powder, mix with water and stir into a paste, apply it to the burnt marks, and let it dry naturally. In this way, the scorch marks will be eliminated as the dry soda powder falls off.