How to solve the problem that the garment steamer does not emit steam?

- 2022-01-06-

Now more and more families are using the garment steamer to iron clothes, and it has really brought a lot of convenience to our lives. However, whether it is a garment steamer or other small household appliances, more or less failures will occur. So what should I do if the garment steamer does not produce steam? Here are some tips.
If you are using a garment steamer and there is no steam after turning on your machine, please check your garment steamer as follows.
Causes and solutions for no outgassing of the garment steamer:
1. Reason: The remaining water in the water pump will not be used for a long time to form scale or mucus, which will make the chips in the water pump stick.
Method: replace the water pump (pour out the water in the water tank when storing)
2. Reason: New product, the water tank is not put in place or the specified water level is not reached.
Method: Add water to the designated water level and put the water tank back in place.
3. Reason: Long-term use without cleaning, clogged filter or clogged steam hole. When the filter is clogged, the main unit heats up, but there is no sound of boiling water. If the steam hole is blocked, there is a sound of boiling water.

Method: Clean and maintain the machine regularly.