How to use the garment steamer

- 2022-03-09-

Over the years, today's urbanites have long abandoned the traditional irons that require a lot of space to iron clothes and often burn clothes, and use steam as a medium for garment ironing machines. Why did the garment steamer finally replace the traditional iron in the household market? It's very simple, as long as the clothes can be hung in a small space, the clothes can be used. In addition, the clothes can be sterilized and mildewed. At the same time, because there is no physical contact, the clothes are hardly damaged. Because the garment ironer uses the principle of steam softening the fibers and then straightening the clothes by natural gravity, the garment ironer does not have as many operational requirements and precautions as the traditional electric iron, but if you want to iron a flat garment, you still need to Some skills, now let us teach you the correct usage of the garment steamer step by step.
1. Fill the machine with water
Since the garment steamer uses the principle that hot water steam continuously penetrates the clothes to soften the fibers and finally straighten the clothes due to the action of gravity, in order to "steam" clothes, the first thing to do is to fill the garment steamer with water. But there are two points to pay attention to here. First, it is best to add pure water. Never add mineral water or water with more impurities. Ordinary garment steamers are prone to form mineral calcification on the attached surface after steaming, which will ultimately affect the The performance of the garment steamer, and the contaminant-laden water can also damage the garment as it penetrates through the fibres of the garment. For example, if you iron clothes with water contaminated with blue ink, of course, it is easy to make the whole clothes blue. Second, don't think that since the garment steamer is all about heating water, whether to inject hot water into it can speed up the process and save electricity, because the steaming part of the garment steamer is not in the water storage pot. Filling a jug with boiling water that was originally designed to hold only cold water can easily damage the machine.
2. Reliably fix clothes
Since the garment steamer is used for ironing by hanging clothes, if the clothes (hangers) are constantly dangling, while increasing the workload, it is also possible to accidentally burn yourself. So using some reliable way to hold your hanging clothes in place will make the task easier for you. Nowadays, high-end garment steamers usually adopt a double-bar design, so that the clothes can be well fixed and not moved. In addition, when ironing trousers, if you can use specially designed ironing racks and trousers seam clips, you can do more with less.
3, important position comfort
Traditional irons rely on pressure to complete flat ironing, and they are easy to handle for cuffs, collars, and skirts, but garment ironing machines are different. For these important positions with serious wrinkles, when ironing, you should straighten them slightly to make the wrinkled areas flat before steaming. For the collar, it is best to turn it over and use the ironing soleplate.
4. Select the correct steam gear
Pay attention when you are steaming, because those key positions are difficult to shape, so the steaming time is slightly longer than that of other positions, so even a garment steamer that uses steam as its working principle may cause damage to some delicate clothes. . If your garment ironer has a gear selection (high-end models have it), choose a large gear for heavy clothes, and a small gear for thin silk clothes to avoid damage to the clothes.
5. Correct handling of clothes after ironing

1. After the clothes are ironed, they cannot be put into the closet immediately. In addition to being easy to re-wrinkle, the clothes with moisture can easily become moldy when stored in the closet. You need to hang them outside to dry for a while; Wearing it on the body, it is easy to re-wrinkle during the air-drying process. If you are really in a hurry to wear it, you should use the air duct to dry it with a cold air file before wearing it. Squeeze, because garment steam ironing adopts the principle of natural sagging and straightening after clothing fibers are softened, and it is not as durable as traditional irons in terms of flatness maintenance.