Factory to strengthen the sales in South America

- 2022-04-07-

Factory’s European orders have plummeted since the Russian invasion into Ukraine.The reasons are multiple.Firstly,the market are worrying that material price will increase sharply due to the sanctions on Russian economy by the west.Secondly,international buyers are waiting to see whether the seaway transportation will be interrupted by the war or not. Last but not the most, the dollar exchange rate is not favourable for importers.
The factory sales team are now strengthening the sales in South America. Lots of buyers of South America make orders through Hong Kong trading companies which make a profit over 10%.Thus,we think if we can get orders directly from South American buyers,we can make a little more profit and the buyers can also save some cost. This will be win-win deal.

The effords seem to be paid off.We have received some orders from South America recently.We will keep moving to make a living.