The correct way to use the steamer

- 2022-05-23-

After washing the clothes and drying them, the clothes may be wrinkled when they are taken home. Some people will use the clothes ironing machine to iron the clothes. What is the correct way to use the clothes ironing machine?
1. What is the use of the garment steamer
1. Before using the steamer, do not rush to plug in the power supply, but add water first, because it uses the principle of steam, so this is the first step. It is best to add water to two-thirds, do not add too little, otherwise it is likely to cause water shortage, dry burning problems, and damage to the machine.
2. Next, fix the clothes to prevent the clothes from shaking during the ironing process. Plug in the power again, in the process of heating, wait for a while, it is estimated that after 1 minute, put the ironing head against the clothes and pass the steam, which can soften the clothes and make the clothes more compliant.

3. Some high-end machines also have different gears, and sometimes you need to set the gears first, which can include thickness according to the material of the clothes, such as low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade. When ironing clothes, iron them from top to bottom or from the collar to the sleeves and hem. Ironed clothes, with some steam after all, may be a little damp and need to be air-dried before taking them back.